Tort Time


Just turned 4 months old and he’s already developing an attitude

I like to make Zoya reach for her dandelions. Teach her not everything comes easy! (its not cause I like seeing her stretch her neck and take a big bite.. or cause I find her attitude problem kinda adorable.. ) 


Having some down time in the bucket corner with leelatortoise! She’s so lazy!

It takes lots of beauty sleep to stay that beautiful! Gaw! 

Zoya’s Birthday Part II, 

After all that partying Zoya opened her presents! A new Powersun UVB/UVA lamp and an especially stylish winter shell hat! She showed her love by trying to nom humom’s finger and then falling asleep next to all her new loot.


This summer our landlord’s tortoise, Sunday, met my (slightly cuddlier) tortoise, Monday. A good time was had by all. 


I came home today to find my bedside table lamp knocked on the ground with the shade is broke.

I have 2 suspects.

Suspect #1


Who: Sophie Sue Davis

What: A Black Domestic Short Hair Feline

Why: Because she can. Spite. Clumsiness.

How: She was screwing around, and lacking the normal grace of other felines, swayed her hips and oops the lamp went down. OR She is just plain rude and did the old paw swipe because she’s pissed I ran out of wet food.

Suspect #2


Who: Owen Theodore Davis

What: A Red-Footed Tortoise

Why: Ignorance of size. Accident.

How: Doing is normal daily apartment laps, like one of those geriatric mall walkers, he found himself stuck. He often finds himself in these conundrums, seeing as to he is unaware that he keeps getting bigger, and can’t fit in places he used to (that’s what she said). He got himself stuck under my bedside table, panicked, and used his brute strength to lift the table- causing an earthquake-like affect when released and the table falls back causing the lamp to fall.

Who done it?

this is the best! hmm.. Looking at those two.. I think Owen just feigns ignorance and when you’re gone? those two conspire to cause all kinds of trouble! So that’s my guess! Conspiracy!  


Homemade Calcium Blocks - Have a tortoise or other calcium-needing critter that doesn’t like the traditional cuttlebone or powdered offerings?  Try this homemade option, shown here with awesome pictures and clear, detailed instructions.

Great recipe and another must read post for tortoise owners! I believe I saw this first here on Tortaddiction - Homemade Calcium Blocks Step by step. Note the part about the need for UVB for calcium to be metabolized! 

I can’t recommend tortaddiction highly enough! Lots of informative posts for those willing to take a read. Lots of pictures to illustrate her points .. and obviously.. shelled cuties abound :) 


The rock in the second pic looks like a piece of toast

wow.. this kinda looks like a Hunger Games remake.. with torties instead. not even real toast. 


How to get your tortoise to workout: try to barricade them in a room so you don’t lose them down the cat door for the basement. Use a child’s truck filled with toys that you think is heavy to block, make sure said tortoise can see under the truck.

Lmao! I keep setting it up and he’s determined to get under it so he just pushed it around. Every time. Silly bud. #tortoises #tortoise #redfoot #redfoottortoise #Paco #exercise #tortoiseworkout #tortoisebutt #silly

"Its hard work being a tortoise! Always pushing stuff, giving other animals rides.. I mean whats that silly dog doing right now.. resting? kitty is just staring with those lazer eyes.. how about giving me a hand!"


Food. Food?? Food, Food, Food, Food!!! #turtle #hungry #instapet #food #green