Tort Time


Let’s get it tortulatin’ while you waitin’…


During a recent outing Zoya met a neighbor squirrel. She thought nothing of it though the squirrel seemed particularly confused. 

if I am the lost in the woods, but never found, do I still exist?

-thoughts of a tortoise (via blackandvvhitevibes)

See I kinda think the tortoise might really be thinking.. “Do I have to share my noms? no! chomp chomp”


Capybaras are good at sharing.

Tortoises too… with the right animal friends anyway. 

"I’m Splash the turtle! I eat jellyfish. PLEASE throw plastic bags away so I don’t eat them!"

Our friend marieterry26 was at Rye beach for lunch yesterday and saw this. Important message from our friendly sea turtles (the stuffed kind in this case)


Eternal Tortoise Epilogue #13: (For previous comic click here)

Magic Tortoise drawn by Susan Dos Santos

*sniff sniff* Aw man, here come the tears..I didn’t think they would kill Magic Tortoise in the end..I thought she would use some magic or something to defend herself. But it seems like Smallie came too late. Perhaps they can give one last hug…

If you forgot who Magic Tortoise is, click here. 

Oh no smallie help magic tortoise! :S


Tortoise wants to go on an adventure


Tortoise cuteness. We’ve had Stevie a whole year and couldn’t be happier. #tortoise #cute#pets

Just a quick nap.. I’ll be right there.. zzzzzz

Happy got your human day, Stevie! 

I like to think she just wants to hold my hand, but I’m guessing she’s mostly making sure I don’t move her noms while she’s eating. Either way? I love these moments. 


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