Tort Time


turtle riding capybara (pursued by swan)

"Onward Team!!" - The other animals worry #Turtle might be developing a Napoleon complex. 

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Zoya heard it was Kirby’s ( thewhimsyturtle ) 1st birthday and she couldn’t let it pass without sending a big celebratory HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH! She got all dolled up in her birthday hat and picked the best Hibiscus in the garden as a gift (she may have eated it but there are more.. sorry Kirby :s )

Happy Birthday / Adoption Day Kirby! Keep being adorable and making trouble! #Turtpocalypse is counting on you! :D


Penny’s identity crisis continues.
She is the prettiest kitty of them all.

aww who’s a pretty kitty?? Penny is!!

Zoya has always had the best table manners, even as a tiny tortoise. #TBT


Fwends 😸🐢#redfoot #tortoise #hermann

"Morty, Look! Someone is taking our picture!"

"tell em we’re having dinner Myra!"

"Smile Morty Its a picture! Morty are you listening?!" 


Mom is home and it’s to.e for some spoilings. First we had a nice warm bath followed by relaxation in bed. Then it was dandie time IN bed! Now we are going to the clover patch. Such a great start to the day.

ZOMG waffles! Dandies in BED? Your mom must have missed you and mango a whole lot! I bet you missed her too (but did you get into any fun trouble while she was gone? hehe)


Am I artsy yet??

Its Tort-Specific Art! 

you know.. not site specific.. 


Look at my tortoise’s little tongue. He’s so cute. Om nom nom.

tortie tongue is the best! Like tortie butts! 


Zoya saw human hanging half in her terrarium and assumed that meant it was time to play. 

Humom was actually picking up leftover noms and was slightly startled by this new game. She couldn’t resist playing along (and was glad her phone was in her pocket so she could capture the moments.)

Sherly loves noms. Noms are best. 

Why would you balance a ball on your nose when you can balance noms on your tongue?! #TortoiseWIsdom