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Well hello there little mister~

ohh that looks like a great place to snuggle up! If I may share something I’ve learned from the snuggly green blanket we have? Don’t try to nom it. It’ll disappoint you. 

My tortoises poop has been not as solid lately, runny, I think it may be from the calcium I started putting on his food. Is that normal/okay? What else could this be?
tort-time tort-time Said:


Well, loose/runny poo can be caused by a few things. I’m not sure what type of calcium you’re giving but make sure not to give too much, and that you have the right temps, a good amount of UVB, and a varied diet. That’s number one. 

Have you changed your torties diet at all? One thing that can cause runny/loose poo is not getting enough roughage. That may sound weird since they’re only eating greens but its not! Its important to provide fiber in their diet. Things like cut up hay, sprouts (chia is good) are fiber full and keep the stool solid. It is good for their tummies in general. One thing I’ve done is grinding up timothy hay in a coffee grinder (not one with coffee in it obviously) and sprinkled it on top of the greens I give Zoya. This way, since she’s a picky princess, she gets the fiber while eating her favorite foods (like radicchio ) 

Another reason for runny poo is wormy parasites. This is especially common in tortoises that you get at pet stores like petco/smart. All too often these little ones are actually wild caught and come with a world of parasites living in them that, if not treated it can lead to very bad things, even death. :( While its more common in tortoises from these places its limited so its always good to get checked out. Doing this requires lab testing of your torties poo. I always bring a fresh poo with me when I take zoya for her yearly check up. They’ll take the sample, send it to the lab, and you’ll know in a day or two if its worms. Its treatable if caught in time so its always best to be safe. Has your tortie been tested before? 

So those are my main thoughts. Definitely keep an eye on behavior changes, appetite, things like that. I’m not a vet and I don’t know your tortie like you do so I can’t give you any definitive directions here. I’ll say what I always say, better safe than sorry but don’t freak out :)

semi-related, Something you might want to consider is using TNT. Its an all natural supplement of dried weeds and plants that has all the needed nutrients for tortoises (was designed for Russian tortoises originally). Using that and a cutle bone you shouldn’t need to use a calcium supplement on their food at all. Check it out here: Throw in some hay (I think you can even get chopped up hay for torties) and you’ve got a nice supplement that covers all the good stuff including calcium :) Its worked really well for Z so far, especially helpful when its winter and carried greens are harder to come by. Just my 2cents!

I hope this helps! Keep us updated on the poo status! We at Tort-time are not afraid to talk about tortie poo consistency :D 

Oh and send us pics of you shell baby! 

<3 Tort-time

Thursday getting you down? Take a few minutes and watch Lilo swim her way back to health via the Texas A&M Turtle Facility’s  Turtle Cam!  This is my kinda meditation. 


Welcome Lilo to Texas A&M University at Galveston’s"Turtle Cam," which monitors the small circular tank where Lilo glides around, occasionally eating shrimp and crab, for 24 hours a day. On Tuesday afternoon, 31 people were watching the stream, currently housed on, but soon to move over to the A&M’s website, as well. The stream has had more than 12,000 viewers.

A&M rehabilitates the turtles in the tanks like the one featured on the live stream. The turtles, most of which have spent time healing from illness or injuries at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Sea Turtle Facility in Galveston, a sort of sea turtle hospital, are put in the tanks and allowed to swim around until they regain their strength and grow less used to humans.

"We’re trying to get them back to their natural state where they’re fearful of people, or at least cognizant that this isn’t normal," said Dr. Kimberly Reich, marine research facility manager at A&M

Lilo, and another small turtle nicknamed Stitch, were washed ashore with this summer’s endless wave of seaweed. The two spent about a month at the sea turtle facility before moving over to A&M’s tanks late last week. They’ll stay there through the winter, Reich said.

In 2012, the Turtle Cam hosted its first star: Milagro, a turtle, who had suffered a cracked carapace, damaged lungs, a missing right front flipper and portion of his shell. The turtle, who had been found by a couple of fishermen, also had pneumonia.

A growing online following watched as a recovering Milagro swam around his tank. He was release the day after Memorial Day.


Tried to upload these earlier but my phone denied me. PACO SHENANIGANS! I kissed him, he returned the kiss my snorting as much of my neck skin into his nose as he could (feels really weird btw) and then did his version of cuddling (digging at my chest and neck) Before deciding to perch like a baby or a parrot. Goober. 

This is my favorite kinda tortie snuggle! <3 <3 


Daisy’s protecting Zoe for us

Daisy! you’re doing an exceptional job protecting! Between you and Zoe any intruder will just collapse into a cuteness coma!


Warm summer weather means lots of time outside on our deck!

I often find delicious-looking potential noms on our deck. I bop them with my nose, but if Mommy shouts, “No, Kirby, no!”, then I don’t nom them and keep walking. “No” is the third word I learned, after “breakfast” and my name. Mommy is so proud of me!

Wow! you go Kirby! you’re so smart! I sometimes don’t like to listen but my humom likes to yell “No Zoya! No!” too.

Wanna know something funny? No is the first I learned and it turns out it was my humom’s first word too! heee 

@NinjaHarine thinks this human cleaning tool is useless!  Though it makes a pretty cool noise. Maybe you should start a band! or even better, hit up Broadway! bring in da noise bring in da noms. 


Introducing our new flat mate, Professor Truffles!

someones been digging! 


工作室 作業中! #sulcata #tortoise #studio #陸龜

Beats By Sulcata! Lets you feel the rhythm in your soul :D 

The Tufts Library in Weymouth’s resident Russian tortoise, Lightening McRead, has been feeling the love of his community these last few weeks. After the bin collecting donations for his care and feeding was stollen, the community rallied to raise back the lost funds and show their support for this handsome shell. 

From the look on his face, I’d say Lightening is enjoying stardom. Some enclosure upgrades are definitely in order and may we suggest some celebratory radicchio?? mmmnomnomnom 

If you’d like to donate, address and other contact info is available on their website under contact info. Click Here


WEYMOUTH, Mass. —Lightning McRead is suddenly living large.

News partner The Patriot Ledger reports the tortoise and longtime mascot of the children’s room at the Tufts Library has been the beneficiary of an outpouring of donations in the week since a thief grabbed a water jug full of donated cash meant for his care.

“It’s just amazing,” Library Director Robert MacLean said. “It’s been a community-wide response. It’s a great silver lining to what was a sad story.”

On Sept. 4, a man grabbed the jug and ran out the door to a waiting black pickup truck, police said. The jug contained between $150 and $260 in spare change and dollar bills that library users had donated over the course of the summer.

As soon as word of the theft spread, the donations started rolling in, MacLean said. As of Friday afternoon, the library had received $484 in new donations. A resident pledged another $200 if the stolen money wasn’t recovered by the end of the day Friday.

Police had not identified a suspect as of Friday afternoon, Capt. Richard Fuller said.

The library staff decided to put the jug out this summer to help raise money for food, bedding and veterinary care for Lighting, a Russian tortoise that was given to the library by a family that could no longer care for him in 2006.

The newly donated money is being kept locked up, MacLean said.

Even Lightning seems to have been caught up in the excitement his story has generated.

“He’s peppier this week. Maybe it’s something in the air. He’s walking around and he’s a little bit more active,” MacLean said. “If we can do some nice upgrades to his tank, he should be pleased.”