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Beats By Sulcata! Lets you feel the rhythm in your soul :D 

The Tufts Library in Weymouth’s resident Russian tortoise, Lightening McRead, has been feeling the love of his community these last few weeks. After the bin collecting donations for his care and feeding was stollen, the community rallied to raise back the lost funds and show their support for this handsome shell. 

From the look on his face, I’d say Lightening is enjoying stardom. Some enclosure upgrades are definitely in order and may we suggest some celebratory radicchio?? mmmnomnomnom 

If you’d like to donate, address and other contact info is available on their website under contact info. Click Here


WEYMOUTH, Mass. —Lightning McRead is suddenly living large.

News partner The Patriot Ledger reports the tortoise and longtime mascot of the children’s room at the Tufts Library has been the beneficiary of an outpouring of donations in the week since a thief grabbed a water jug full of donated cash meant for his care.

“It’s just amazing,” Library Director Robert MacLean said. “It’s been a community-wide response. It’s a great silver lining to what was a sad story.”

On Sept. 4, a man grabbed the jug and ran out the door to a waiting black pickup truck, police said. The jug contained between $150 and $260 in spare change and dollar bills that library users had donated over the course of the summer.

As soon as word of the theft spread, the donations started rolling in, MacLean said. As of Friday afternoon, the library had received $484 in new donations. A resident pledged another $200 if the stolen money wasn’t recovered by the end of the day Friday.

Police had not identified a suspect as of Friday afternoon, Capt. Richard Fuller said.

The library staff decided to put the jug out this summer to help raise money for food, bedding and veterinary care for Lighting, a Russian tortoise that was given to the library by a family that could no longer care for him in 2006.

The newly donated money is being kept locked up, MacLean said.

Even Lightning seems to have been caught up in the excitement his story has generated.

“He’s peppier this week. Maybe it’s something in the air. He’s walking around and he’s a little bit more active,” MacLean said. “If we can do some nice upgrades to his tank, he should be pleased.”


I can stand on my back legs again now hoomin! Thank you for the physio and lots of baths!

I made a Facebook group for my love of all things shelled scaley and fangy!

you are one tough shell! keep it up! those legs are looking strong. We believe in you and think your human is pretty awesome too. :D


Princess/Little Angel investigating her new home and stream. 

I believe that face reads “Hmm.. I believe I like it here. Bring me the noms!” 




Let’s lay on top of the food plate until mommy notices that we are hungry :D :D we are adorable, come feed us!!

This is an all too familiar scenario for this human…. do they do the follow up “no you never fed us we swear”, plate stand several hours after this? 


Oh, that reminds me. I need to tell mom to get my electric blanket out.

AHH! All Work and No Play Makes Waffles A Dull Tort! All Work and No Play Makes Waffles A Dull Tort… skeeeeery


They are growing up. :( i want one so much. T_T @dan_howard_art #turtle #tortoise #pet #cute

now now, lets not bite our siblings’ butts’. 


Mom is at the baseball game tonight. Let’s go Blue Jays!

Woohoo!!! You two look awesome with your baseball gear! We love baseball too!! (but we gotta say Go Red Sox … even though its uh.. like our team is napping this year.. heh ) When are you gonna throw out the first pitch waffles?! 


So this came up the turtles reaction shot is just perfect.

Please! She’s too young for those words!