Tort Time

Teddy takes a look at the world with a Sulcata Tortoise forgoing the speed of the hare to enjoy a slower pace.


Teddy takes a look at the world with a Sulcata Tortoise forgoing the speed of the hare to enjoy a slower pace.


So it’s finally come to this. Mom got me this silly harness and name tag since I will be going out and travelling with her soon. She said it’s just incase I slip away and go for a walk like Frankie does. She also got me a stupid leash to keep me close. Atleast that better reflects who I am.

aww waffles its ok. Zoya feels the same way about hers.

You look very handsome in your harness! It accentuates your shell-complection and that tortie-butt!


Sprint and Mynx hanging out.

True love is napping together and giving the human a quality side eye. #interspecieslove 

Even though she was traveling, the Easter Bunny brought Zoya the best treats this year! Noms and Sunshine!  Her only complaint was how quickly the noms disappeared. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Please talk some sense in to me: I did something stupid and looked up the systems of tortoise diseases. It was stupid because it mentioned them being lethargic is a sign of something wrong. And my dear tort's been a little lazy lately (except when there's food). I'm pretty sure it's because of the time of year, but I'm tired and easily paranoid, so now I'm going to be worrying about him. -__- In other words, is it normal for a tortoise to have long periods of not really wanting to do anything?
tort-time tort-time Said:

Hey there Anon! 

Well, I am here to talk sense into you! in a helpful and not helpful way?

It is normal for tortoises to have less active periods, especially during winter time. I’m not sure where you live, but if the weather is cold or cloudy, our torts sometimes decide to sleep in. Sometimes they just want to nom and soak up some UVB rays. Thats normal. 

The number of times I’ve become overly concerned that Zoya hasn’t caused any real trouble in a week or so is.. ridiculous. I would be the most obnoxious parent ever with the worrying and checking. Seriously, I feel where you’re coming from. 

That said, its true that long periods of lethargy are often the first real signs that something is amiss.  So… how long are we talking? Is it a big change from his previous behavior?

Heres the thing, there are some things that definitely scream “OMG VET NOW!”, others are much less cut and dry. Annoying right? 

You have to think about everything in context.You know your pet best and you can identify behavior changes.  Always check to make sure your temps are right, diet is right, substrate etc. One of these things being off can cause lots of problems now and over time.

Hydration is a big one. Is he getting enough soaks? Check the urates (that white stuff in the pee). If its creamy looking that’s normal, if its rocky then he’s not hydrated enough and definitely keep an eye on him and give some extra soaks. Eyes sunken in is a big sign of dehydration. 

After that you have to think about things like weather, time of year (they’ve got some amazing body clocks in them), and how long the changes are happening. A week or two of just basking and eating instead of trying to climb his log is normal in context (though it does work well to make us humans nervous). If it goes on for longer, with no contextual reasons, if you notice any other strange behavior, then I’d say, better safe than sorry. Vet time. 

I really hope this is helpful! I totally know that freak out moment and still have them. Our shells will drive us crazy when they are causing trouble and when they’re not. hah. 

Gotta love them tho! 

Send us an update! And pictures! 


Happy Earth Day, friends!

We are all very lucky we live on such a beautiful planet. But if we kick it around too much, we will all end up flailing on our backs!

Kirby knows! (this should be the title of your coffee table book Kirby!!)


can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that turtles and tortoises are not actually that slow. in fact if you own an aquatic turtle you know tht those bitches can swim like Michael Phelps and run like Kenyans.. And tortoises, if they see something they want they will go after it like there is no tomorrow. IDK where this stupid “turtles are slow” myth comes from but seriously they are faster than you think. Its all part of their world domination plan, mark my words!

Hell yes. This is all of the truth. 


Ivy, Gordon, Bane, &Bruce!

I’m not sure this game of leap frog was the best idea….

There are a lot of creatures counting on us. Happy Earth Day. 

When you’re 85 and 650lbs, you don’t have to share your birthday treats. Happy Hatchday, Bravo!

(Source:NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) -

Newport Aquarium’s giant Galapagos tortoise celebrated his 85th birthday with a special cake from his favorite fruits and vegetables.

Bravo is the largest turtle in the Midwest at 650 pounds and turns 85-years-old on Saturday. Staffers created a birthday cake for him using watermelon, oranges, carrots, broccoli and lettuce.

Bravo hatched April 19, 1929 on the Ecuadorian island of Santa Cruz. He arrived at the United States as part of the last group of tortoises exported from the Galapagos Islands.

Bravo shares his birthday with a close friend. His primary caretaker, biologist Michelle Fry, was also born on April 19.